Walt's Worm

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Legend has it Walt tied the Walt's Worm back in the early 80's most likely without a bead. Mimicking so many different aquatic insects, this bug was primarily focused on the crane fly larvae predominant in Pennsylvania, but as the decades have passed and word spread across the globe, fly fisher men and women have found it to be successful in so many fishing applications.  A simple bug that produces great results. 

This variation uses a custom dubbing blend by Big T to add the right amount of guard hares and the right amount of flash for that superior buggy look. Lead weight applied, this bug does tend to sink well.  For added performance though, add a piece of split shot about 6 inches above the eye, and we think you'll be quite pleased. 

Fishes well year round... pictured is a #12. Dark olive head. Also tied in other variations and really like this bug with a hot orange head and tail.