Men's Handmade Soap

Wild Bearings Soap

Soap is a cleaning product made from natural ingredients such as animal fat or vegetable oil, lye and a liquid.  Soap gets its name from Mount Sapo in Rome where women cleaning clothes in a river noticed that if they washed clothes in particular sections of the river after a heavy rain, the clothes were much cleaner. This was because high on the mountain above them, animal sacrifices had taken place and the rain would wash animal fat and ash from the ceremonial alters down to the banks of the river. And just like that – even though they didn’t know it at the time – soap was born!

Today, commercial bars of soap are not really soap at all, but rather detergents or cleaning products. Most of the useful skin enhancing oils and other natural beneficial ingredients have been removed and can be found on additional shelves in the form of products such as moisturizers, hand creams, conditioners, etc.

At Wild Bearings, we make and use only all natural soap. Our soap bars are made in small batches with attention to detail and recipes. And while various scents and additives such as honey, clay, charcoal, oats, etc. can be added to soap for particular purposes, the goal is always clean, healthy, moisturized skin. All of our soaps deliver these benefits.