Nativo Naturals Num Nums™ Superfoods Duck Training Treats for Dogs - Ethically Sourced, Made in USA - Grain & Gluten Free

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Freeze-Dried Raw Salmon & Superfood Training Treats for Dogs. Num Nums™ are scrumptious training nourishment, developed to fuel and strengthen the relationship you share with your dog. Using fresh, USDA single-ingredient proteins, we utilize a slow, 48-hour freeze-drying process to preserve the flavor and beneficial nutrients. Our tiny, non slimy, no crumble, freeze-dried Num Nums™ are the perfect high-value reward for positive reinforcement dog training!

Serving Suggestions

Keep a bag of Num Nums™ at home, in your car, or carry with you in a bait bag. Reinforce your dog while clicker training, fill interactive toys for mental enrichment, or simply thank your dog for good behavior throughout the day! Please remember to offer your dog fresh water to stay hydrated!