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In 1983, and inspired by a fly sent him by innovative Swiss fly-fisher Jules Rindlisbacher, Marjan developed his own much simplified version for fishing the ice-cold alpine rivers and chalkstreams that provide some of the finest brown trout and grayling fishing to be found anywhere in the world.

We've taken the liberty to improve this fly even further by adding a little krystal flash under the wing and a special blend of dubbing from Big T Fly Fishing. 

Marjan was focused on brown trout, but this fly works exceptionally well on rainbows... in fact I think better!  

One evening on the South Holston about dusk, the trout started rising and everything thrown their way was a no-go. Then with a size 20 F Fly, the browns and rainbows started attacking. 

This is a CDC wing, so remember to treat it with a little Loon Lochsa and some Frog's Fanny. Start the day with just a smidge of Loon, then treat as needed throughout the day. 

We usually fish this in sizes #14, #16, #18 and #20 with the go-to being the #14. Typically switched up depending on the hatch situation. 

Works well on wild streams and tailwaters in slower moving currents. Works well out west too. Fish primarily March through October in the southeast.