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A variation of Big T's MacDaddy... capable of dropping up to two bugs off the hook bend and being used as a site indicator in place of a standard indicator allowing you to catch fish versus seeing that trout float up and either hit your indicator or scaring it off. Probably the most versatile dry fly you'll ever have in your box.

This "Pinkie" was a result of fishing the new pink Airlock Strike Indicators and having trout absolutely attack them. I've always fished Airlock's and love them. And I've had trout hit the old plastic style before, but never have I had trout aggressively grab and then take my Airlock to the bottom. I can tell you when you set the Airlock "hook" it doesn't set too well LOL!!!  So I hit the bench and decided to tie this Pinkie style and found instant success. I've had days fishing some tuff waters and pull this out and it's game on!   

After years of this fly being our top dry fly imitator in the yellow/brown combo on countless DH and wild streams including blue lines, we've determined that sizes 12 & 14 are the best and only available options for purchase.  Mountain streams to mid-sized streams go with #14. Western waters and large tailwaters where you want to drop a lot of weight, go with #12.

For the tailwater of the Chattahoochee, South Holston, Watauga I'm almost always fishing #14.


Fished year around and have dropped up to size 8 leech or bugger off this while using as site indicator.


Because the primary material used on this fly is CDC, to get the best use you must treat the fly before, during and especially after you land a beautiful trout. From experience we've found that a very small application of Loon Lochsa to start the day rubbed into the CDC fibers, and then a coating of Frog's Fanny works really well. After the first treatment of Lochsa, you should be good with just repeated dressings of Frog's Fanny throughout the day. Failure to keep the fly coated after landing a trout or once you see it not riding high in the water, will significantly decrease its potency.   

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