Siman Midge Camo Style

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As a pretty prolific fly tier, I have to say no new product has had me more excited than Jan Siman's camo thread offered by Big T Fly Fishing. I really like the camo thread as it's extremely durable and when wet provides great variations. 

I like fishing midges period! I have fun with frenchie's and soft hackle hares ears and of course my NZ CDC Caddis dry flies... but something about midges just make for some fun fishing. And with the right curved hooks with some offset, which is why I exclusively use Big T hooks, midge fishing provides excellent hook-ups and more fish in the net. And I absolutely love bouncing between colors to find that color, that particular day on the water, that's going to be the right fit for a trout's diet. I can go out one day and fish are tearing up the black midges and the very next day it's red or purple. And since midges make up about 50% of a trout's diet, why not give yourself an advantage.

Fished year round on just about any watershed.