Getting Started in Fly Fishing eGuide 3.0

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Getting started in fly fishing can seem daunting... we created this guide to help and not break the bank... we hope you enjoy and that it's helpful... 

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I’m a process guy, so when I got into fly fishing, I noticed there were so many ways to start, but not one place I could find that allowed me a simple entry point. Talk to five fly fishers and you’ll get five different answers.  I also noticed as I gained in experience newer folks being told to invest heavy dollar-wise into gear and such, and that just didn’t sit right with me. And as I got semi-decent at the sport, I found I started becoming the mentor versus the mentee and decided to do my best to pass along the knowledge I had gained to folks new to the sport. I really enjoy teaching and the feedback from our local TU Chapter after receiving this guide has been very positive… even from seasoned experts that stated they learned a little too.     

There are a few approaches to this… spend a ton of money and not be in love with it… or spend reasonable money, love it, and then spend time after you understand things to slowly upgrade gear and equipment.  The latter path is the one most recommended.