Wild Bearings 2024 Webcast Series

Wild Bearings 2024 Webcast Series


Please make note the Wild Bearings Webcast on Zoom, will not be live. We are testing a new format where we’ll record each Wild Bearings Webcast remotely, and then post it to our Wild Bearings YouTube Channel. Viewers can then watch it at their convenience. As in the past, we’ll continue to promote future WB Webcasts via our website, social media and email. The difference being you can watch it on your own schedule – then message Chris or me with any comments or questions you may have. 

Thanks – and we hope you’ll check out our Wild Bearings YouTube Channel select.  



Sam R. Johnson

Outdoorsman, Author, Bagpiper & Do Gooder @Wild Bearings

Sam has been described as a part yesterday – part today, red-blooded, flag waving American, performer, Christian, traveler, “sensible” conservationist, kilted fly fisherman, talker, loyal friend, gentleman, do-gooder, mountain man, and occasional prevaricator…. as well as few other slightly demonstrative adjectives! But here’s what we know for sure about him as far as fly fishing: Charter Member, Past President and current Board Member of Trout Unlimited’s Gold Rush Chapter. He learned to fly fish in his family’s lake in AL for largemouth bass, bream and shell crackers. Been fishing the waters of North Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia most of his life, also loves fishing Western US waters – especially the Rockies, Cascades and Sierras. Author of the First in Class book: “Fly Fishing the Blue Ridge Parkway”, Forwarded by Mark Woods, Superintendant of the BRP, published by Mountain Arber Press, and reviewed by American Fly Fishing Magazine