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“Emperor Jones”


An uncirculated series of limited-edition lithographs of golfing legend Robert Tyre (Bobby) Jones, Jr. resurfaces after 45 years.

In 1977 David T. S. Jones received a commission from Augusta National Golf Club to paint an oil portrait of Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones, Jr. – golf’s undisputed “Champion of Champions!” His inspiration would be the 1922 photograph snapped by photographer Juan Montell capturing Bobby Jones’ perfect swing during tournament play. The original oil was purportedly to be displayed at Augusta National where only members and privileged guests could view it.

Later that same year, David T. S. Jones and partner, T. J. Johnson, were granted permission to produce a limited number of prints of that original Bobby Jones painting. The series was appropriately named “Emperor Jones.” It was limited to a maximum run of one thousand full-color, 29” x 19” lithograph prints on 100% rag / PH balanced acid-free paper. Case-Hoyt, an internationally recognized art lithographer in Atlanta, was commissioned to produce the series. Unfortunately the series was never marketed due to the effects of a recession and the untimely death of T. J.

The “Emperor Jones” series has been in storage and all but forgotten since 1977. Now for the first time in almost half a century the series has been brought out of the darkness and into the light where it belongs. All 362 signed and numbered prints, including the unsigned 345, are in pristine condition due to storage in specially made containers located in an environmentally controlled cell at a local university.

The “Emperor Jones” series is an indisputable lost golfing treasure, and a rare piece of art with a distinguished pedigree fit for the discerning collector. Order your print with its official letter of authenticity today.