Our Story

About Sam Johnson

Outdoorsman, Author, Bagpiper & Do Gooder....

Wild Bearings, LLC is an extension of my passion for the outdoors and the habit of living “slightly” on the edge with my safety clicked off. My biggest passion is remote fly fishing, as well as writing about the waters of the Appalachians, Rockies and Sierras. My rod of choice is bamboo, so another passion is making, collecting, selling and fishing them. Also worth mentioning is my role as Executive Producer and Co-host of Wild Bearings Outdoors, a TV show that takes viewers to exotic fly-fishing destinations and showcases their history, lore and angling opportunities. The show premiered in 2023 and airs on The Country Network. One other bad habit of mime is playing the bagpipes, and as a member of John Mohr Mackintosh Pipes & Drums in Atlanta, I spend a lot of time performing around the country.

When not chasing things in the wild, or making outdoor films, I’m a partner in a boutique transaction advisory practice that helps late stage emerging growth, and lower mid-market companies, prepare for, and execute buy / sell transactions. I also sit on several corporate and non-profit boards.  

But in the end, when it’s all said and done, I just want to be known as a red-blooded, flag waving American, performer, traveler, kilted fly fisherman, talker, loyal friend, gentleman, do-gooder, mountain man, Christian and an occasional prevaricator. I’ve also been described using slightly stronger adjectives, but fortunately they’re in a slight minority! 

About Chris Sloan

Growing up in a very small town in Texas was cool, especially since we lived just a few miles from Lake Lewisville. Total population 3,000 meant small town, small community, and great outdoor activities abound. I grew up bass fishing not only on Lake Lewisville, but my uncle had property in east Texas that had a 23-acre private lake where the bass were huge, the crappie fat, and the brim aggressive. I met my better half in that small town and 40 years later we are still Texas strong.  

Not long after college I got into golf and enjoyed playing for many years. But about 2014 a bug (pun intended) jumped up and hooked me with an even greater sport… fly fishing! I was always curious about the sport and it wasn’t until I met Sam, who is a true fly fishing pioneer, that the dream of learning how to fly fish became a reality.

I truly enjoy the nostalgia of the sport and especially the history of fly tying and bamboo rods. Wild Bearings is a dream come true that allows me to hopefully leave a little something behind to the sport while passing on what I’ve learned to the newer generations of future historians that will write their own stories someday.