Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When will my order ship?

A:  Non-custom rod orders typically ship within 24 hours of receipt of order. Touchstone series rods if in stock ship within 24-48 hours of receipt of order. Rubicon series rods ship within three to four weeks of ordering. When we process your order, we’ll assign a tracking number and email that to you once the order has been picked, packed and picked up from our warehouse.

Q:  I’d like a fly rod consultation who do I contact?

A:  Submit a request via our “Contact Us” form and we’ll respond within 24 to 48 hours excluding weekends.   

Q:  Do you provide the graphs for the tapers being sold?

A:  We sure do. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to send it to you.  

Q:  Why do you only provide Granger and Wright & McGill tapers?

A:   We don’t. In fact, if you have a specific taper you’d prefer, just contact us and we’ll give you a call to discuss further. There are so many great tapers and rod makers on the market and each has their own place in history. For the owners, we both enjoy the history, story and specific tapers offered under these two brands. And they fish great so that’s what we wanted to offer.

Q:  I live outside of the United States. Can I place an order?

A:  Yes, you can but extra shipping charges will apply. We recommend that you contact us first at to determine shipping costs and lead times.

Q:  What if I’m not satisfied with my order? What is your return policy?

A:   See our refund policy. 

Q:  Where are your handmade soaps made and do they have chemicals in them?

A:   These are made in our facility in north Georgia and no everything is natural ingredients.

Q:  Where are your Nativo Naturals products sourced?

A:  Nativo Naturals are sourced and made in North America. They do their very best to make sure everything is USA sourced and made, but because of seasonal availability of the produce ingredients used in Num Nums, at certain times of the year produce may need to be sourced from different regions of North America. Be assured that strict FDA guidelines and testing to ensure the best quality for you and your family.

Q:  Best by date?

A:   International ISO format (ISO 8601) to address global date concerns with format YYYY-MM-DD. This will typically be found on the back of the package as a digitized printed number on the packaging or in an applied white label format. 

Q:  Do you have “lot” number tracking?

A:  Typically, next to the digitized printed date or on an applied white label with the date included.

Q:  What are Chillin Chews?

A:  Chillin Chews are single-ingredient proteins that are naturally delicious, grain and gluten free, ethically sourced and packaged in the USA. Freeze-dried fresh RAW protein ensures the highest quality and nutritionally balanced treat for your dog. Chillin Chews should be offered as healthy, positive training reinforcement intended for supplemental and intermittent feeding only and it’s always important to make sure an offer plenty of fresh water throughout the day for your dog’s proper hydration.      

Q:  What are Num Nums and how do you use them?

A:  Num Nums are uniquely designed to be used as training nourishment, developed to strengthen the relationship you share with your dog. Num Nums are non-slimy, no crumble, freeze-dried and excellent as a high-reward positive reinforcement part of your dog’s daily training habits. All formulas are single-ingredient proteins with added super-food produce thoughtfully balanced by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Laurie Coger. Num Nums have zero fillers and all super-foods are natural, providing added benefits to your dog’s total health. Keep a bag at home and a bag in your car or carry with you in a bait bag. Using a clicker while training with Num Nums reinforces proper behavior with your dog. You can also fill interactive toys with Num Nums to provide mental enrichment or to simply thank your dog for good behavior throughout the day.  Num Nums are intended for supplemental and intermittent feeding only and it’s always important to make sure an offer plenty of fresh water throughout the day for your dog’s proper hydration.       

Q:  What size are the Num Nums (nibs) and how many Num Nums (nibs) are there in a bag?

A:  Num Nums (also referred to as nibs) are 3/8” in size on average. The average number of nibs per 3 oz. bag was 285 pieces and per 14 oz. bag was 1,250 pieces per bag.

Q:  What is the proper way to store freeze-dried products?

A:  Freeze-dried products are best stored in a cool and dark place, safely out of the reach of your pets and children. Do not leave in places like your car dashboard. Refrigeration is not required, but for best results we recommend serving fresh within 30-days of opening the bag.

Q:  Where is your hemp oil for pets sourced?

A:  We only use 100% USA goods. Hemp oil is tested both inbound raw and outbound finished for any contaminants that could negatively impact your best friend… your dog. 

Q:  Do your custom flies catch fish?

A:  They do for us. Try them out and see how they perform. We’d love your feedback in our review section.

Q:  How do John Partridge jackets fit?

A:  They fit great. Just remember they are Euro cut (UK) and for some people that don't have an athletic build they may not fit well at all unless you size up. For bigger guys the Heathland Riding jacket seems to be the better option than the Landowner.