Stinger - Soft Hackle Hares Ear

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One of the most productive flies you can have in your box, the Stinger jig style is just a fish catcher. On days when you just don't know what's going on with the fish and it seems like it's time to pack it in, throw this on. From size 10 to 16, we've snagged some beasts and some not-so-big beasts, and it never gets old with this awesome bug. Typical go-to is #16 unless I need to get deep fast and #10 does the trick!

Fished year around this nymph imitates all types of aquatic insects such as mayfly's, caddis larvae, scuds and no telling what else. The UV resin orange, red, or chartreuse Stinger make this fly quite unique along with the matching collar. It's a powerhouse on the water and rarely fails to catch fish. 

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