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The Touchstone series “Ivy L” bamboo fly rod captures everything about the Ivy League. Excellence is packed into this historic and iconic Granger taper available only in two sizes and as a three section rod. Having three sections on this size rod looks amazing and makes for a great pack-in rod when traversing the mountainsides looking for those remote and special streams! There is no better rod to have when chasing down brook trout. The silk wraps remind one of the old school collegiate days and letterman jackets where an almost translucent look and feel allows for many of the bamboos natural fibers to show through.

Think 1930’s when times were much simpler, and feel yourself standing in a small river or creek, holding a functional piece of history. This rod is a blast to fish and a must have for blue-lining!    

All reel seat, winding check, cork check and ferrule hardware is shop made and/or customized. A hook keeper is standard. Snake guides have a right twist and tip tops are anodized and handles are of the finest flor grade cork with a reverse half wells grip and uplocking reel seat.

Each rod section is wrapped in a unique Ivy L pattern.

Each Rod is made to order and is marked with a serial # denoting the length, weight and taper source. To ensure each rod meets our stringent standards, each one is test cast by the maker to confirm performance before shipping.

Touchstone Series “Ivy L” Standard Features:

  • Granger taper

  • Two (2) tips

  • Agate stripper

  • Custom cork handle

  • Unique Ivy L hardware & wraps

  • Aluminum carry tube with rod bag

Base prices:

  • Three piece / two tip: $1,799.00