Electric Eggstasy Eggs

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If you think trout don't like eggs and eat them as part of their diet, then not sure what to tell you. As my good buddy Big T said, "you want to catch fish don't you?" when I asked him about fishing eggs and so-called purists. Mind you, I fish my fair share of naturals almost exclusively, but some times during some seasons, it's eggs that make the difference. And who can resist such sage advice from a buddy, as his wisdom leaks out from his vast brain? I can't so my box is full of these bad boys. 

I've tied other egg materials, but this Electric Eggstasy is my go-to now and I hope you enjoy them too. I tend to tie these in a #14 with a gold bead and have had great success with this size/bead combo. I'll add a few other sizes, but #14 is my preference.

FL Sunburst, Sockeye, and UV White shown... if you have other colors you'd like to see, drop us a note!


Not sure how they'll do in other parts of the country, but in the southeast this is a great bug to approach wintertime with as well as fall.