Mojo Sportswear Company

The most innovative lifestyle brand of Sportfishing & Outdoor Apparel.....Get your Mojo Sportswear on!

Mojo Sportswear Company

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Mojo Sportswear is a new kind of apparel developed with insight garnered from more than 20 years in the clothing business and the innovation to create a brand that appeals to today’s consumers. Mojo Sportswear carries on the tradition of functionality and durability for the serious fisherman, while introducing a unique look and feel that makes the line suitable on or off the boat.

The line is coastal oriented with an edge. Mojo Sportswear stepped away from the ordinary and created a lifestyle brand — something that could get the job done out on the water while making its way into your everyday life. Mojo Sportswear is a rugged, performance-based brand with a flair for use seven days a week. Fishing isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Mojo Sportswear understands that life and the people who live it. The line features everything from surfer-inspired moisture-wicking fabrics to cutting edge marine life graphics. The line is durable, fashionable and will hold up to the needs of the most avid adventurer.


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