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Each Rubicon and Touchstone series fly rod is a piece of functional art that will provide generations of pleasure for the serious fly angler or collector. Truly something to pass down generation-to-generation!  Made of the finest Tonkin bamboo – free of blemishes and leaf nodes. Our bamboo is hand selected in China by our agent, locked in a container, and transported to America. When we receive it, we inspect it and then dry and treat it with ammonia in our unique convection oven where it takes on a beautiful deep caramel color. This color is throughout the bamboo – not just on the surface like some brown tone treatments. Each rod is made from a single length of bamboo. Each rod section has a 3-3 node stagger, and tips are matched. 

Both series use historic tapers from some of the great makers such as Granger, F.E. Thomas, Payne, Dickerson, Gillum, Halstead, and Leonard. These tapers have been proven over time to offer excellent performance in both distance and accuracy. We'll select your most common variants such as action that performs best for the weight and length of the rod you select and grip. However, at checkout you can specify your specific variants you'd like to see and we'll make those changes during the build process.  Overall, we know you'll be pleased standing in a scenic river or creek fishing with a bit of history in your hand that is both functional and beautiful connecting you to your surroundings. 

Rubicon Series

A Rubicon series bamboo fly rod is our top of the line rod. We spend extra time on wraps, hardware and finish as well as including a second tip.  

All reel seat, winding check, cork check and ferrule hardware is shop made and/or customized from traditional nickel silver stock, with unique Rubicon embellishments. Hook keepers are standard on all Rubicon rods. Snake guides are dark stainless with a right twist, and handles are of the finest flor grade cork rings shaped to the client’s preference.

Each rod section is wrapped in a unique Rubicon pattern using black and white silk Jasper thread and other solids. A unique “Rubicon” signature wrap is placed mid butt section. Every Rubicon rod, regardless of the length and weight, is wrapped in the same unique wrap pattern.  

Each Rod is made to order and is marked with a serial number that denotes the length, weight, taper source and serial #. To ensure each rod meets our stringent standards, each one is test cast by the maker to confirm performance before shipping to the client.

All Rubicon series fly rods come with the following:

  • Two (2) tips
  • Custom handmade cloth rod bag
  • Carry tube
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The rod pictured is a Rubicon series custom rod that was built to a customer's specifications. Some hardware may look different, but full of customized class. 


Because each series is a custom build, it can take four to six weeks to get your new rod. We’ll keep you updated along the way on the status and where your rod is in the production process as best as we can. Demand is high, so please be patient. All good things handmade take time to equal quality.


At checkout, please specify the grip type you prefer. All rods come standard with a Cigar cork grip. However, we can also make Coke Bottle, Wells, Half Wells, and Reverse Half Wells. If you have another type, please specify and supply a drawing and we'll see what we can do on the lathe.


Standard and very popular actions of a fly rod is a moderate or moderate-fast action taper. Most of our rods come with this in mind keeping flexibility in the forefront given fishing conditions. Being able to switch between dry fly and nymphing given situations on the water is where we like to play.

Moderate action tapers are great for beginners providing improved line control over say a fast-action taper and covers the broadest range of fishing conditions.

A moderate-fast taper is very versatile allowing you to battle wind and works well in dry-dropper situations where you may need to get a weighted dropper out there while still providing accuracy. This occurs because of a little more back bone providing deeper flex in the blank. This setup also allows you to go straight, weighted nymph rig where a little more power is needed to get those bugs out and down in the current.

A fast-action rod is a great choice for distance and trophy hunting big fish. Less flex is in this blank and is not typically recommended for beginners. 

A slow-action taper is a solid choice for those smaller streams and smaller bugs where shorter casting distances is the norm. These tapers have a lot of flex and are quite helpful to the beginner. Just know a slow-action taper isn't your friend in windy conditions. 

At checkout, if you have a preference on "Action" please specify in the notes what you prefer and we'll look through our library of tapers to meet your needs. Additionally, if you have your own taper in mind, please use the "Contact Us" form for a free consultation.   

Special Order

Not seeing what you want? Reach out to us at our Contact Us link and tell us what you are looking for. We’ll provide a free consultation to try and get you fitted to your exact requirements.

Bamboo Color

Our rods come in a standard caramel color finish. If you’d prefer blonde, as many of our friends in Japan and other regions of the world do, just drop us a special note when ordering and we’ll adjust to your needs.