Big "T" MacDaddy NZ Style

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Okay, there is no more dangerous a dry fly to have in your fly box than Big T's MacDaddy. For any type of dry dropper rig, this is the setup. And because of the New Zealand strike indicator butt, your dry will float even and carry a lot of weight under it. 

Over the years, there has been no other more prolific bug in our fly box other than Stingers. You'll catch fish with this just be prepared to fight!


Because this is CDC feathers, you have to treat the fly properly or it will not float. Check out our video on how to treat the fly and what to do after you catch fish. This fly will hold up for a long time. Nothing to catch 30 to 50 fish on it before you have to toss it if you treat it correctly.

Recommended: use Loon Lochsa just a few drops at the beginning of the day, and then Loon Top Ride (shake-n-bake).  Always have some Frog's Fanny and a brush for stubborn fish ick!