Fly Fishing the Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia Section)

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Trout Don’t Live In Ugly Places…

There’s an old saying among fly fishers that “trout don’t live in ugly places.”  That’s particularly true along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, as well as North Carolina, because those trout live in some rare and beautiful places.  You just need to know how to find them!  This second book of a two-volume set reveals Sam Johnson’s second “bucket list” of fishing destinations along the Parkway’s 469 miles.  Volume one featured the Parkway’s 252 miles in NC.  This volume explores the 217 miles of water in Virginia.  With a lifetime of experience on these waters, Sam provides detailed descriptions, directions and insight for each watershed in this first in class book.  And with enough history, stories and lore to make for some interesting campfire chats!  

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