Rack Cross Brown Trout Cigar Holder

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Spending the day on the water is connecting with your soul. For many fly fishers, sitting on a rock in the river relaxing for a few minutes and taking it all in also involves a nice cigar. These one of a kind cigar holders let you carry a nice stogie on the water without worrying about moisture getting your favorite smoke wet. 

Lightweight and durable, with a brown trout theme, you'll whip this out and truly impress your friends. Or just buy one and set it on the shelf in your office as a discussion piece. Either way this custom, hand painted piece of functional art will just make you happy all around.

6 1/8" long outside dimension

3/4" internal diameter circumference 

5 1/4" internal dimension

What a great story meeting our good friend Rack. In May 2023, we happened to be fishing the South Holston when Riley ran into Rack, and as normal just started a conversation. Rack mentioned some guys he'd been watching on YouTube and a guy Sam Johnson, and Riley looked over his shoulder and said "you mean that guy right there?" And from there we spent a good bit of time getting to know Rack and talking all things fly fishing. Since then we've stayed in touch and couldn't pass up the opportunity to put some of Rack's functional art on our site.